How to Win Your Ex Back: Breaking News!

How to Win Your Ex Back: Breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend is never an easy thing to do, and can be one of the most heartbreaking events of life. Nobody likes to have it happen to them, but it happens to all of us at one point in our lives. Read this article very carefully to uncover the fact that getting over a breakup is much easier than you could ever imagine.

Knowing how to get back with your ex can help you to prioritize any negative feelings you have and make things easier in order to be with the one you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Consider these tips for trying to recapture the love you once had and make it flourish.

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How to Win Your Ex Back: #1 Step!

The one thing you must do for yourself after a break up is to take some time to heal the heart. You cannot expect to be good for anyone if you are not good for you; the heart must be properly looked after. Sometimes we do and say things in the heat of the moment that can be potentially damaging to not only the other person, but to ourselves as well. Take the time to mourn the loss of what you had; it is the only way that you can look forward to the things that you can fix.

  • Do not take a long amount of time to wallow in the sorrow over losing a loved one.

It is not a healthy way to live your life post break up. If you only think about what could have been, or what things you could have done wrong, you are going to drive yourself absolutely crazy. You must find a way to allow your rational mind take over, and let your heart take a breather from playing the poor me game.

In doing this, you will be able to see the situation in a clearer sense and will be able to formulate a more rational plan to win their affections; and this is very important to consider when it comes to how to get back with your ex easily and quickly.

  • How to Get Back with Your Ex: Remember this!

Once you start feeling better from the initial break up, start making a list that can help you sort out the reasons why you parted ways in the first place. This will help you to try to change the things that might have pushed the boyfriend or girlfriend away. Sometimes the littlest things can be a catalyst for breaking up; the more aware of what you may have done, the easier it is to try to change things and show the other person that you are willing to change for them.

How to Win Your Ex Back: Try this!

You can also try to scope out the climate of the other persons feelings, and try to contact them. Sending nice messages, asking how they are doing, and being a friend to them is often very welcome. This is especially true if you think that the actions of the other person were just as painful to them as they were to you. Sometimes being nice can pave the way for them to look at you with different eyes and make them change their mind about you.

  • Being there for your ex-partner is often a great help.

Sometimes things in their lives have facilitated the actions against you and if you are being a friend to them, it will help to make sense of what happened. Giving them space if they need it, or just being a true friend can go a long way to bringing them around and knowing what kind of a person they actually just let go. Often times people need that space to make sense of their own lives, and perhaps did not want to drag you down into their own problems.

  • Being available to them does not mean that you should become a doormat for them.

You have to take care in protecting the affairs of a heart so that it is not hurt again. Be sure that you are properly healing yourself, but keep the door of opportunity open in case that person realizes what a mistake they may have made by letting you go. You should be able to gauge how far you can go before you have to step back and let them make the next move on how to win your ex back.

How to Win Your Ex Back: Important to know!

It is important to know that if you start to trash them to your friends and family, this negativity will eventually be heard by your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. There is no need to lower yourself to putting the other person down, no matter how mad you may be.

This is one sure fire way of driving them further away from you, so make sure you treat them exactly how you want to be treated by them; it could make things easier when the time comes to start talking about getting together with them again and this is the #1 way on how to get back with your ex.

  • Being hurtful is a natural action when someone has hurt you.

But if you turn that hurt around and develop it into a feeling of caution, but compassion you may be on the right track. Do not do anything that is going to jeopardize your chances with this person; breaking up with someone is not a finality in some cases. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much your positive reactions will begin to show the other person that you are worthy of them, and that you are ready to make any kind of compromise that is necessary.

  • Once you know that the other person is willing to give it another try:

how to win your ex backDo everything that you can to show them that you are the one for them. Whether it is doing something corny like serenading them outside their bedroom window, or sending them a big bouquet of flowers to their work; these things can be very endearing and can score you some big points. Be careful not to go overboard, but do try to establish your intentions.

Following these tips about how to get back with your ex may work, but they may not work right away and you need to be aware of that. You may be faced with a lot of work on your part, but do not be discouraged and this is important on how to win your ex back.

These efforts may very well pay off in a big way, and you could be back with your boyfriend or girlfriend at some point in time. Depending on the circumstances, you should not give up, but do not compromise a heart and soul in the process and this is important to know about how to win your ex back.

How to Make Getting Over a Breakup Easier:

One of the hardest things that most people will face is getting over a breakup. It can be emotionally draining and some people may feel as if their pain will never go away. There is some truth to the saying that time will heal all wounds. While you are waiting for that time to come you may want to try a few things to help you get over your breakup.

  • You may wish to have a period of no contact with your former partner.

Getting over a break upDuring the first few days after your relationship ends, emotions are often running high. By not calling, texting, or sending an email, you can avoid saying something that would further damage anything that could be salvaged at a later date. If you have any items to return to the other person, try and get a neutral party to assist you. Sometimes cutting of contact will help you in the healing process.

As much as it may be tempting to pick up the phone and call the other party, don’t do it. Once you make the first phone call then it will become easier for you to come up with other excuses to call. It can cause confusion if the other person is simply being nice, you may take it as a sign that you are getting back together.

  • It may also be time to do some shopping.

If everything you own in your house or your apartment has a memory attached to the person you were with, you may want to place the item in storage or donate it to charity. Seeing those items will cause you to think about the person you were with day in and day out. Make a new purchase just for you, buy a new rug or lamp. Feel free to redecorate and enjoy the process of making your home more comfortable for you. Place pictures of the two of you in happier times away in a drawer or box and avoid the urge to pull it out.

  • Trying new activities can also help you get to feeling better.

If there is a class that you always wanted to take for personal enrichment, feel free to enroll. Maybe you always wanted to try a new restaurant, make reservations and go. Focus on doing things that you never felt like you could do before because your ex may not have liked them. Use this time to get to know yourself and to develop new interests and hobbies.

You may find that by getting to know yourself better, you will be a better partner in your next relationship. Several people also use this time to begin a new exercise routine. It is wise to consult with a health professional before beginning any new diet or exercise plan. You may find that taking a class in a gym will not only be beneficial for your health but you may begin to also feel better about yourself.

It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and possible make new friends. The busier that you find your self being the better off you will be. If you are focusing on positive activities it will allow little time to dwell on your breakup.

  • Call your friends and make plans to get together.

When people enter relationships, sometimes the time they spend with their friends gets shorter and shorter. You can have your friends meet for dinner or you can throw a casual party and have everyone rally together to give you support. Some people use this time to go places with their friends that they haven’t been in a while, such as a movie or out dancing.

Take advantage of any offers that your friends may make to call on them when you are feeling sad. They care for you and want the best for you. You may find that you will also feel better as you start talking about your feelings with those that you trust. Many of your friends may have also been through the same situation that you are going through and can offer advice on what helped them get over their breakups.

  • You may wish to avoid alcohol during this time.

Alcohol is a depressant and you may already be feeling kind of sad. This would not be a good time to have a bottle of wine and attempt to drown your sorrows. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions and drinking may make you behave in ways that can be damaging to your reputation as well as your personal health. By not drinking you are also avoiding making the mistake of calling your ex while you are drunk.

Some people turn to drinking with their friends as soon as a breakup happens, and find themselves becoming addicted. You can avoid this addiction by waiting until you are in a better state emotionally before having alcoholic beverages with friends.

  • Take your time to heal before jumping into your next relationship.

Many people are tempted to go out and try dating as soon as a breakup happens. This can lead to disaster. You may still have strong feelings for your ex and the new person that you are going out with may not want to spend an evening hearing about him or her. The new person also may become emotionally attached to you and be looking for a more serious relationship than you are capable of giving to someone at this time. Once you have spent some time on your own, then try to take things one date at a time.

Try and remember that you are still alive. Just because your relationship died does not mean the world has ended. It takes two people to make a relationship work and you are only half of the equation. Do not beat yourself up over others choices.

Instead try to remember the things that were not working out in the relationship and work on ways that you can avoid those situations from happening again in the future. It does take time but getting over a breakup can be done and even better you can try to work using the above tips on how to win your ex back.